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GenCon 2011 Attendance and Playtesting Spark

Tomorrow morning I will pick up the car and begin the 2 day trek to the geek Mecca of GenCon,  Coming from Canada, it takes a moderate amount of time to make the journey to the city of race cars.  Still, I am eager to attend *counts* 9 seminars and workshops pertaining to game design […]

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Spark RPG, current iteration

Thanks to the incredible feedback over at the two threads here from the Grand Roludothon, I have made some fairly significant changes to the Spark RPG. http://www.roludo.ca/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=1300 http://www.roludo.ca/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=1317 Here are highlights of some of the most significant changes.  I have also attached the new and improved version of that summary sheet which I will be […]

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Amaranthine – The Chess Game Eternal

So, Machine Age Productions will be releasing a brand new RPG at GenCon 2011 by the title of Amaranthine.  “Amaranthine is a game about yesterday, now, and forever. Amaranthine are immortal, destined to reincarnate from here until eternity. They’ve lived many lives before, and every other immortal they meet, they’ve met before.” I pitched in on […]

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Quick update from the Dicemines

The Grand Roludothon was excellent and I was overwhelmed with the amount of excellent feedback.   I am currently in the process of analyzing how the system ought to change to reflect that feedback and how I can ramp up the fun.  I got confirmation that the core premise of the game is rewarding, but I […]

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Salut a tous les Francophones et Francophiles!

Je m’excuse que j’attendais jusqu’a ce point d’écrire un poste en Français pour vous.    Mon Français est loin de parfait, mais je suis entrain de le pratiquer et j’espère qu’il serait au point que je pourrais traduire mes jeux de table dans cette langue. Un de mes priorités c’est de le produire mes jeux sans […]

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Seeking Suki – The Cangames Running

The Friday evening and Saturday at Cangames 2011 in Ottawa passed rather successfully. As soon as I post this I will dash off to “run” a game of The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen followed by John Wick’s Wilderness of Mirrors. I just thought I would give a quick report on the first running of […]

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