Three goblins pushing a boulder to crush a human prisoner.

The Republic Calls

On our kingdom’s borders, there exists a realm ruled by goblinkind. A dozen unique tribes make up this mighty republic, and the wise would learn all they could. In this scroll, you will learn about each of the tribes who you may encounter.

  • The communal Hillore
  • The united Goblin Workers International
  • The mechanical Cogmongers
  • The cannibalistic Bonepickers
  • The forsaken Kraken Exiles
  • The hateful Riven
  • The fungal Amanita
  • The diseased Rotblessed
  • The malleable Snargs
  • The inclusive Frostbound
  • The fierce Vinespeakers
  • The cruel Voidkin Howlers

The Goblin Republic is a stand-alone supplement for the 5th edition of the world’s greatest roleplaying game. This book is lavishgly illustrated by Juan Ochoa and shows a dozen different varieties of goblins. Each variant of the common goblin comes with uncommon abilities, cultures, identities, and story hooks to enjoy. The world needs more goblins!

Key Information

Code: GLP017
Format : Digital Only, 28 pages