About Us

Stories matter. They teach us new ways to think, to live, and to love. Our mission is to help you tell your own meaningful stories through the medium of games. Our games, your stories.

Genesis of Legend Publishing is a small independent publishing house founded in the summer of 2009. We are primarily focused on producing tabletop roleplaying games that explore big questions of society and identity. We also occasionally develop fiction, live-action roleplaying games, board games, and card games.   


We pride ourselves in taking the time to produce quality games in an ethical manner so we can leave the world a little brighter than how we found it. To this end, our company’s principles are as follow:

Anti-Fascist: We will not produce any games which glorify or encourage fascist, supremacist, or colonialist violence. There is more than enough of that in the world as-is.

Accessible: Whenever possible, we will use accessibility features in our electronic products and online presence. All of our products are further designed with consideration of colour-blind customers.  

Community Safety: We will not condone racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, or otherwise prejudiced behaviour. We care about providing a healthy, collaborative, and inclusive gaming scene for everyone. This means we will not support or attend any game convention which does not have an anti-harassment policy.

DRM-Free: We do not watermark, lock, or otherwise restrict the use of our electronic products. We trust our audience and won’t sell any products which are artificially limited in that way.

Flexible Pricing Model: There’s a large number of roleplaying game fans who are economically disadvantaged or marginalized, and unable to purchase luxury goods like games due to their circumstances. If you want some of our games and this describes your circumstances, please contact us  and we will do our best to help.

Green Publishing: We take efforts to maximize digital production and to print our books on environmentally sustainable paper stock such as EcoLogo or Forest Stewardship Council certified paper.

Open Culture: We recognize serious flaws with the current intellectual property laws and work to turn the tide. Accordingly, we release our products under Creative Commons licenses by default, and periodically release some of our older products into the public domain.

Open Hiring: We will occasionally contract skilled freelance writers, designers, editors, illustrators, and other professionals to help us on our projects. If you are interested to hear about potential opportunities, visit our Freelancer page.


Genesis of Legend Publishing is an independent game publisher without full-time employees. That said, there are several hard-working folks who contribute to our projects on a regular basis on a contractual basis.

Jason Pitre

Jason Pitre (He/Him) is owner and primary employee of Genesis of Legend Publishing. He acts as a game designer, writer, editor, layout professional, and occasional barista. Jason works as a bureaucrat and an ecologist by day, working on games in the evenings. Jason is also the mind behind the RPG Design Panelcast which shares recorded panels and seminars about game design. He has also occasionally done freelance work for companies such as Pelgrane Press, Green Hat Designs, Aviatrix Games, and Rowan Rook & Decard.  

You can contact Jason by Email or on twitter at @genesisoflegend.

Christopher Rothwell

Christopher Rothwell (He/Him) is a disabled Canadian editor, writer, and retired game store professional. He works as Genesis of Legend’s in-house lead editor, contributing to projects such as The Goblin Republic and Sig: City of Blades.

You can contact Christopher by Email or find him on twitter @Cge_Rothwell.


We are a member of a number of organizations with the common goal of getting more games out there from diverse designers.

Jason is one of the founding members of the Indie Game Developer Network (IGDN).  More information over at  http://www.igdnonline.com/

We are a member-publisher of Indie Press Revolution, spreading diverse indie tabletop games worldwide. More information over at  http://www.indiepressrevolution.com/

And of course, we are a member of the Ottawa-Gatineau indie game community.


We have a fairly robust catalog of products which you may have heard of. We have published…

The Spark Roleplaying Game (GLP001): A roleplaying game of collaborative world-building and challenging your Beliefs.

A Spark in Fate Core (GLP002): A free, collaborative world-building toolkit for Fate Core.

Goblin Uprising (GLP003): A free goblin playset for the Fiasco RPG (1st edition)

Posthuman Pathways (GLP005): A gm-less, three-player transhumanist RPG.
ENnie Award Judges Spotlight for 2015.

The Enlightened Man (GLP006): A renaissance superhero setting for Spark & Fate Core

The Inner City (GLP007): A PWYW worldbuilding hack of Don’t Rest your Head by Evil Hat Productions.

Circles of Power: Apprentice Edition (GLP010): An ashcan PBTA game of sorcery and society.

Sig: Manual of the Primes (GLP011): A cosmopolitan planar fantasy roleplaying game set in the nexus of the multiverse.

Sig: The Shard of Empire (GLP012): A free adventure for Sig: Manual of the Primes.

Lonely Timbers (GLP013): A stand-alone game of lumberjacks and masculinity.

After the War (GLP015): A science-fiction roleplayiong game of memetic horror.

Palanquin (GLP016): A game of trust and fear, as the Heir who escaped a palace coup.

The Goblin Republic (GLP017): A supplement providing a dozen variant goblins 5th Edition.