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Sig a cosmopolitan planar fantasy setting, set in the city between where the eternal planes and infinite prime worlds meet. This vast, multiversal setting is inspired by many fantastic worlds which came before including Planescape, Amber, Saga, and Saga Kill Six Billion Demons.

Sig is It’s a rough home for cutters and bashers, hungry for coin and glory. It’s a city of gods, demons, and stranger things which lurk. It’s a place where opposites meet, trading knives and kisses in equal measure. The Silent Regent once ruled over the city with a bladed fist. Now her throne sits empty, with criminal factions, diasporic communities, and hungry gods fighting for control.

Genesis of Legend Publishing has published two unique roleplaying games set in the City Between. Each of these products uses distinct rulesets so that you can explore different aspects of the broad setting.

Sig: Manual of the Primes uses the same system as the Spark RPG, with a strong focus on issues of belief, identity, and exploration. This is a game about family, faith, culture, and politics in an ever-changing city at the crossroads of infinity.

Sig: City of Blades uses the Forged in the Dark system originally presented in Blades in the Dark. This is a game about the criminal underworld and bold freebooters, whose knife-sharp schemes aim to strengthen their Faction’s control over the city.

Codex of the Sage Collegium

The Codex of the Sig Collegium is an invaluable play aid for all your cosmopolitan planar fantasy needs. This is a deck of 90 cards which you may use for inspiration during play and easy reference at the table. It also includes rules for card-based character creation that allows you to make new player characters quickly at the table. This comprehensive reference deck contains….

  • 6 Attribute Cards
  • 34 Heritage Cards
  • 16 Profession Cards
  • 16 Faction Cards
  • 16 Power Cards

This product is an accessory for the roleplaying game Sig: Manual of the Primes.

Faces of the City Between

The Faces of the City Between is a collection of interesting pre-made non-player characters for all of your cosmopolitan planar fantasy needs. This deck contains 52 different characters such as …

  • Brunet the Mythender, a paladin turned godslayer trapped in the city. 
  • Calvyn the Shoulder, who bottles memories of suffering for sale.
  • Kilku Ratface, the best-dressed wererat in all the ‘verse.
  • Rylia, Voice of the Swarm. A composite being made of countless butterflies. 

This deck is perfect for providing a broad cast of characters during play and as a useful resource for the busy game master.

This product is an accessory for the roleplaying game Sig: Manual of the Primes and Sig: City of Blades.

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