Sig: Manual of the Primes: Planar Fantasy Drama

Sig: Manual of the Primes is a cosmopolitan planar fantasy about family, faith, and faction politics. Explore the eternal planes of existence, infinite prime worlds, and the nexus city where they all meet.

Cosmopolitan Planar Fantasy

Sig is the nexus of the multiverse, where eternal planes and infinite primes meet. It’s a rough home for cutters and bashers, hungry for coin and glory. It’s a city of gods, demons, and stranger things which lurk. It’s a place where opposites meet, trading knives and kisses in equal measure. The Silent Regent once ruled over the city with a bladed fist. Now her throne sits empty, with criminal factions, diasporic communities, and hungry gods fighting for control.

Play as one of the Giants of the Plane of Stone or the Wyrms of the Plane of Destruction. Challenge yourself in scorched wastelands of the Crucible in the Plane of Flame. Seek answers to hidden secrets in the Umbral Delta of the Plane of Shadow. Defend yourself in the Final Court, where the Seven Magistrates provide final remedy to any injustice.

Sig: City of Blades is a cosmopolitan planar fantasy roleplaying game of communities and convictions. It’s a game that focuses on how an impossible city that sits at a planar hub with hidden doorways to every imaginable universe would produce a cosmopolitan variety of cultures, ideologies, religions, and attitudes.


  • Weird Fantasy
  • Family Drama
  • Classic AD&D Fans


  • Planescape
  • Kill Six Billion Demons
  • American Gods
The cover of Sig: Manual of the Primes



Key Information

ISBN: 978-1-987916-71-3 Code: GLP011 MSRP: $40.00 USD, $50.00 CAD Format : 240 page, 6”x9” hardcover PDF Included via Bits and Mortar