Palanquin: A Roleplaying Game of Escape and Trust

The royal family was slain in a palace coup, with only a teenage princess spared from slaughter. A group of unlikely and untrustworthy adults escorted her safely to her aunt’s palace, and this is the story of their perilous journey.

The Heir Escapes a Palace Coup

We have all heard the stories of the Ulunak, the night sculptors. Their kingdom was a verdant paradise of vast rainforests surrounding the range of weathered mountain peaks, and surrounded by saltwater marshlands. Countless stories have been told about their great city of marble and glass, carved into the eponymous mountain. We have all enjoyed the Unani fruit cordials from their jungle plantations and the bitter herbs that grow in their marshland domain. We heard of their great soldiers, clad in woven reed and wielding blades of bronze.
The Queen of the Ulunaki was slain a palace coup last night, along with her royal consort, and most of her children. Only the Queen’s youngest daughter was rescued from the massacre by unlikely hands. These unseemly folk bore the Heir to her aunt Baru who could offer refuge to the rightful queen of Ulunak. The Heir recounted the story of their escape to Aunt Baru, who listened with rapt attention. It wasn’t until the end of their story that she let on about her suspicions…
In this roleplaying game, one person portrays the young princess during this escape, guided by …

  • Ulu the Veteran, a solider fallen from grace.
  • Xanling the Scholar, an exiled foreign academic.
  • Tanalor the Magister, a sorcerer whose master fell.
  • Malani the Faithful, servant of a ruthless goddess.
  • Peryani the Hunter, slayer and captor of beasts &
  • Illic the Shadow, master of crime and injustice.

Palanquin is a game about a perilous journey and people trying to overcome their past. It’s inspired by classic indie roleplaying games such as…


  • YA Fiction
  • Social Deduction
  • One-shot gamers


  • The Dragon Prince
  • Anastasia
  • GOT: A Clash of Kings

Key Information

ISBN: 978-1-7771100-0-0
Code: GLP016
MSRP: $10.00 USD, $12.00 CAD
Format : 32 page, half-letter black and white zine
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