Circles of Power – Apprentice Edition

For generations, your people you have suffered. Your elders recount tales of hardship and hate. The young look to their futures with fear and despair. The Dominant Society controls all of the levers of power, creating laws that protect their interests above yours. Wealth and influence is held only by a few in the dominant Society, to use as they see fit. Your people are left only with silenced voices and crushed dreams. The world seems set against you.

You come from one of the marginalised communities, who suffer at the hands of the Dominant Society. You might be one of the Burdened, your mind or bodies shaped by trauma and misfortune. Perhaps you are one the Forsaken, deemed inferior by virtue of your sex or the passions of your heart. Are you Musai, set apart by your ethnicity, faith, or culture? Were your people of the Nations, peoples native to these lands since before the occupation? Each of these communities cries for justice, for opportunity, and for peace.

An illusionist

Few souls have stood fast against injustice and oppression. Shaped by your traditions and resolve, you have learned to wield the Secret Fire of the magi. You are one of The Wise, who might draw upon mighty sorceries and clever enchantments. You hold the keys to the universe, and will seize respect for your people. You will not be quiet. You will not be still. You will not comply.

Unfortunately, you have other struggles beyond liberation. There are whispers of dark things lurking on the far frontier. The Doom threatens us all, the powerful and the oppressed alike. Only the Secret Fire can keep them at bay, burning away their corruption and shattering their terrible forms. The Wise are given a grudging respect, and a measure of social power, by virtue of fight against this distant foe. This struggle will temper you and teach you to master your magics.

Circles of Power is a game about individuals who have suffered oppression, and have gained magic to balance the karmic scales. In this game, you play one of the Wise who arise from marginalized communities. You cast your spells to ward off the Doom and to earn valuable favours from the Society. You spend that favour to Take a Stand against the Society to protect your communities from oppression and violence. The struggle for justice and freedom will teach you the lessons you need to learn, to master your spells.

A Conjurer

A limited edition print-run of Circles of Power has been produced. It will be available at Dreamation 2017, Breakout Con 2017, Cangames 2017, and GenCon 2017.

If you are unable to attend these events and want a copy, please contact us at genesisoflegend @ for  details.

Version 1 (Stable) playbooks and GM materials.

Version 4 (Experimental) playbooks and GM materials

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