Fate of the Galaxy

The Galaxy Needs You

Humanity has always looked to the stars with hungry eyes. Ambition led to expansion, the colonization of alien worlds for good and for ill. It was inevitable that differences in politics, faith, economics, and identity would lead to strife within the expanded domain of humankind. In this time of turmoil, great leaders of humanity arise to make decisions that could change the fate of the galaxy. In this space-opera roleplaying game, you portray some of the most important figures in the galaxy. Each player portrays a mighty leader worthy of respect, whose power emerges from the worlds on the fringe of human space. Some may command military fleets, spy networks, religious orders, or trade flotillas. These figures have influence, earned or inherited, and cannot be ignored.

Fate of the Galaxy is a game of high-stakes politics, military strategy, and galactic diplomacy. Each Leader has responsibilities along with their authority, and has to work hard to support their people. They curry favour from the mighty Faces of the Outer Systems for votes in the Galactic Assembly. They seek to use the free Agents to further their agendas, while forever guarding against betrayal. If the Leaders play their cards right, they will carry their people into a new golden age.