ATW: Songfall Survivors

The War Runs Deep

After the War is a game about a distant future and about the current age. The very best science-fiction acts as a mirror through which we can reflect upon the present. This game shows us the scars of war, and the everyday struggle to heal. It asks us to consider how our identities and convictions can be shaped by forces outside our control. Most of all it demonstrates the fundamental importance of taking care of each other every day.

Songfall Survivors is our response to the horrors of the current age. This book is designed to add more depth and breadth to After the War. It offers plenty of setting lore concerning those within the Union and those left behind. You will hear about the struggles the survivors faced in the years after Songfall. It contains new settlements, character options, and factions for your games.

Songfall Survivors also provides a cargo-hauler worth of new content for the busy Game Master. There’s a system to manage the settlement’s culture, laws, resources, diplomacy, and defense for your campaigns. There are new procedures for addressing culture clashes, criminal schemes, community projects, trade disputes, scavenging wrecks, and military conflicts. There’s even a set of four new missions for you to enjoy.