GenCon 2011 Attendance and Playtesting Spark

Tomorrow morning I will pick up the car and begin the 2 day trek to the geek Mecca of GenCon,  Coming from Canada, it takes a moderate amount of time to make the journey to the city of race cars.  Still, I am eager to attend *counts* 9 seminars and workshops pertaining to game design which might help me.  I will also get to co-host the Thursday afternoon session of “This Just in, from GenCon!” podcast. Please do listen in if you can.

Beyond that I have a few other events scheduled.  I will be attending the Ennies with Eloy of Third Eye Games, where I expect the Evil Hat crew will win several awards.   I will be attending “Indie Games on Demand” on Thursday Evening and Saturday morning for four hour time-slots.  I also expect to appear on the evenings at the Embassy Suites.  In each occasion, I hope to host some playtests of the Spark RPG and I would encourage you to seek me out and join in!

I hope to meet some of you at the con and I hope I can run a game or two with you!


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