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Current Revisions

I am pleased to report that my design work has been progressing apace. I thought you fine folks might want an update. 1) I am officially out of the running for Game Chef 2010, but I have learned a great deal from the thoughtful reviews and the feedback I have acquired. My plan is to […]

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Game Design: Steps to Publish an RPG

This will be the first item in my “The Process of Design” series on my site.   I am a relatively young designer, but I believe that I have gotten a decent grasp on the overall process for successful game design.   I have learned a great deal concerning design due to the excellent designer and podcasting […]

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A Sojourn in Alexandria – Virtue’s Edge

I am pleased to announce that I have managed to complete a playable game for Game Chef 2010.  In the spirit of the competition and my personal whims, I am releasing the work to the Public Domain.  Use it for absolutely anything, any where, any time.   Love to hear if you play the game or […]

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Game Chef 2010 – A Sojourn in Alexandria

Over the next 10 days I will be working on a Game Chef 2010 entry, where I am assembling a game focused on the aspects of “City”, “Desert” and “Edge”.     I hope to produce a playable game and if I am successful, I will post it for free download for all and sundry. You will […]

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The Lay of the Land

I have had a bit of progress with Spark of late and I thought I would explain where I am at in a bit more detail.   My master plan is to produce a single printed book which will be 8 chapters in length.  The first four chapters would contain everything you need to play or […]

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Bits and Mortar

One of the announcements from GenCon 2010 is the new initiative by the name of Bits and Mortar. It’s an alliance of publishers who vow to provide PDF’s to any customers who buy their printed books. This maximizes the value of the books we produce and helps support friendly local game stores support themselves in […]

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