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Audio content courtesy of The Boom Effect

Just recently, I have participated in an auction for an incredibly good cause known as the Boom Effect.  This consisted of a massive auction of creative works and professional services.  I am pleased to announce that I was able to successfully win two of the auction bids. We can look forward to a lovely audio […]

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Savage Worlds – A Pulpy Alternative

This will be my first offering for my reoccurring Alternative Games feature and it is a good one.  Savage Worlds© is a product produced by the talented folks over at Pinnacle Entertainment, well renowned for their Deadlands© RPG system.  The Savage Worlds system is a simplified variant of that behind Deadlands, designed to enable “Fast! […]

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Introducing the Alternatives

I will soon be beginning an ongoing feature focusing on alternative games. Rather then fall back on the classical marketing tactic of claiming to be better then all of my competitors, I am instead mentioning those game systems and publishers who produce notably high quality products.

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Gamers help Haiti at Drivethru RPG

Normally I try not to attempt to convince people to make a purchase, but this cause is incredibly worthwhile and of enormous value. While I did not have a game prepared to donate to the cause, I have donated a bit of additional money for MSF and now own $1080 worth of PDF’s. This is […]

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Grand Opening

It is a pleasure to welcome you to our brand new website, www.genesisoflegend.com, where I hope to win your favour with my writings. To be more precise, I am an indie rpg producer and I would like my games in as many eager hands as possible. It will take a great deal of hard work […]

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Under Construction

Humanity has fallen in love with stories since its earliest days. Stories give context for our actions and place in the world.  Legends teach lessons and myths provide explanations for the mysteries we are faced with. In recent times, a number of individuals have embraced storytelling as a method of self reflection in addition to […]

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