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Latest Posts

The first ad

I am very proud of this advertisement that I produced for the Houses of the Blooded expansion over  at Kickstarter   What do you think?

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Seeking Suki – Developing the Scenario

I will be running a convention game of the Spark RPG at two local regional conventions.  The first of these is Cangames on the May long weekend in Ottawa,  where I will run my session on the Saturday morning (9-1).  The second convention will be the Grand Roludothon in Montreal on the 11th and 12th […]

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The Foundations of Fun (Part 1 of 2)

The Foundations of Fun Basic Decisions when Designing RPG Mechanics . Note: This is only the first half of the article.  I will aim to release Part 2 of 2 dealing with Resolution Systems, as well as the full article in PDF format  within the next week or so. I hope you enjoy  reading and […]

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I have manged to cobble together a two-page long summary of my game thus far. While it’s only understandable to me, it is solid enough for me to run a demo game I think and took dramatically less time then a fully detailed revision of the text. I have some pressure to prepare the scenario […]

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Third major revision outline

I am half producing this post simply to spur myself on to my design work.   This may only be interesting to a few diehards, but I figure that it is better to post something then nothing.  If anyone in the crowd has questions, comments or death threats, please feel free to leave them in the […]

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Cover Art presented

Sorry for the slow update cycle of late; over the holidays I have been out and about which has slowed my development somewhat. That said I will have another fruitful playtest next Tuesday which should test some new design innovations. If things work out as well as I hope, I will finally have a solid […]

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