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First echoes of the Spark Soundtrack

As previously mentioned, the excellent composer James Durham has been working on a score for my podcast. I just wanted to report that the draft I just heard is astounding. It is my hope that within the next month or so, I will be able to at minimum provide a clip of the piece for […]

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Clearly a Body of D12

So, the attribute system for Spark is linked to Dice. The larger the die, the better the attribute, in a system somewhat similar to that found in Savage Worlds.   A D4 attribute is crippled, while a D12 is human maximum. This is a clear example of a D12 Body attribute, representing the peak of human […]

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Easy yet diverse character creation

One of the design goals for Spark was for the character creation process to take the least amount of time possible while still retaining the diversity of character options.   I am pleased to say that I appear to have been successful, at the very least during my playtesting.   I had two of my playtesters over […]

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Content Inquiry

I would like to throw a question out to the crowd (which I expect shall materialize any moment now). What kind of content would be interesting and useful to all of you. There are two different kinds of content that I could offer. Presently, I am thinking of providing game-focused content such as the state […]

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Support for the Shattered Glass Project

The lovely and talented Jess Hartley has launched a project, experimenting with a new form of alternative publishing. Chiefly, this is a patronage system where only those who sponsor the project up front will get the early access/printing of a new piece of fiction. For an additional donation, particularly generous patrons can be written into […]

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First art preview for Spark

I am pleased to provide you all with a quick look at some of the art produced for the Spark RPG.   These are still the early days yet with regards to art direction, but I was eager to get this artist working on this project. This piece is actually part of an expansive illustration of […]

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