First art preview for Spark

Image of an armored medieval magic-user

An illustration of a tool used by a character

I am pleased to provide you all with a quick look at some of the art produced for the Spark RPG.   These are still the early days yet with regards to art direction, but I was eager to get this artist working on this project.

This piece is actually part of an expansive illustration of Tools.  The game system accounts for “Tools”, external aids which are used by characters to accomplish tasks.  Tools are not limited to physical items, but rather include any external aid which can help in physical, social or intellectual pursuit.  A magus might have a spell formula which helps her conjure demons from the ether.  A gentleman might have some juicy blackmail which assists him in confrontations with the mayor.

This particular illustration is showing off the staff as a tool for his magic use.  His red armor is another good example of a tool which will protect him from blades or arrows alike.

The artist in question is David Sondred, who can be found at Studio Colruophobia.  I have worked with him in the past and his dynamic figure illustration is impressive.


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