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Bits and Mortar

One of the announcements from GenCon 2010 is the new initiative by the name of Bits and Mortar. It’s an alliance of publishers who vow to provide PDF’s to any customers who buy their printed books. This maximizes the value of the books we produce and helps support friendly local game stores support themselves in […]

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The Day after GenCon

I must declare my first GenCon an unbridled success.  My pilgrimage to gamer Mecca was fulfilling in more ways then one.   I was able to learn a great deal from seminars and workshops, play new games and spend far too much money in the dealer’s hall.  Above and beyond that, I was able to meet […]

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GenCon Seminar Recordings

I attended a series of seminars at GenCon and I am posting them with the permission of the speakers.   Feel free to link or copy any of the MP3’s. 1) Improvising: The GM’s Backup Plan by Patrick Benson If you like his seminar, here are his haunts online. http://www.SinisterForces.com – My blog where I right […]

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GenCon 2010

I will be at GenCon this year and would love to meet and greet anyone possible.   If you see a very pale blond gentleman with a black Genesis of Legend Publishing t-shirt, feel free to say hello!    I will be attending a series of game design seminars, wandering around the marketplace and attending the Ennies […]

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How to Play and Run Roleplaying Games

In my wanderings I have been able to locate two essential resources for anyone interested in Roleplaying.    Both of these pieces were written by the illustrious Greg Stolze, whose work inspires me on a daily basis.   Just so you know I’m not misappropriating them for my own gain, here are the man’s words from his […]

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Reign Enchiridion – A One-Roll Alternative

I just finished reading my copy of Greg Stolze’s new book by the title of Reign: Enchiridion.  I am a fan of Stolze’s which meant I was proud to support during the auction for this particular book. Oh, you can find my name in the acknowledgments section on page 221 if you are curious. Greg […]

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