How to Play and Run Roleplaying Games

In my wanderings I have been able to locate two essential resources for anyone interested in Roleplaying.    Both of these pieces were written by the illustrious Greg Stolze, whose work inspires me on a daily basis.   Just so you know I’m not misappropriating them for my own gain, here are the man’s words from his site.  You can also find these under the “Links” tab on the right.

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These are a bit different. The license on these articles lets you show them wherever you want, including in commercial books. But you can only use them if you attribute them to me, and if you don’t change a word of the text. Feel free to read them, share them, print them out and leave them lying in subways — just don’t change them.

How to Run Roleplaying Games

How to Play Roleplaying Games

First up is “How to Run Roleplaying Games”, where he expounds on the best tips and tricks for running a compelling and enjoyable game for yourself and others.  He details the most common mistakes that Game Masters can make and offers solutions.  Whether you are an expert GM or someone interested in running your first game, check it out.

Next is “How to Play Roleplaying Games”.   Not only does it explain the general nature of the games, but also the best ways for a player to contribute to a fun and enlightening game.   Everything from character creation, conflict and setting are explained in easy and vivid terms.  It’s a must read, as I’m certainly not directly reproducing this particular wisdom in the Spark RPG.

I stand on the shoulders of giants.  I would love to hear any thoughts you might have about his essays as well.   Please feel free to to expound in the comments here; my soapbox is your soapbox.

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