Spark Roleplaying Game

Character Sheets

Just want to create a interesting setting in ~90 minutes? Download the Standalone Setting Creation Bundle  and follow through the instructions on pages 28-45 of the Spark RPG corebook.

Spark Quickstart Bundles

There are also a series of Quickstart Bundles, which are designed for 1-shot sessions at home or at a convention game. These Quickstarts do the prep for you so you can dive into play.

If you plan on running the game at a convention or game store, you are entitled to a free, zombie cyberpunk setting titled Carriers by Brian Engard! Contact us for more details.

Spark Teacher Guide

The Spark RPG has a free Teacher Guide available, thanks to the kind efforts of Pete Figree, as well as a free student edition of the game. Please contact me via the contact form, or email {genesisoflegend at gmail} for access.

A Spark in Fate Core

As part of the kickstarter campaign for Spark, I promised to produce a professionally-edited and illustrated free supplement for the award-winning Fate Core RPG.  This document, titled “A Spark in Fate Core” mixes the collaborative world-building of Spark with the elegant design of Fate Core. Download Here!

Posthuman Pathways

A print-and-play version of Posthuman Pathways is available on DriveThruRPG, as a Pay-What-You-Want product. This includes everything you need to play. Download Here! 

Circles of Power – Novice Edition

Here are the current playtest documents for Circles of Power for your use. Download here! We would love your feedback!

Sig: The Manual of the Primes

Here are the current version of the character sheets and other resources for Sig!

After the War

Here are the current version of the character sheets and other handouts for After the War.