New arrivals in the realm of Spark

Two recent events in the world of the Spark RPG. Firstly, I have commissioned an excellent piece of art from Gabriel Verdon which I will be using for the Cover of the book. Lovely little piece and I thank him for his efforts. I will hold off from posting the image thus far, chiefly because I have yet to add the text. Keep tuned for more!

I am now fairly certain that I will be excising the old Glory mechanics. It used to be a very wishy-washy catch-all which would cover any weird drawback or special capability, but it grated on my design sensibilities. Instead, I am adapting the existing trait names and have fashioned a standard mechanic. It’s a variation of explicit aspect compels mechanics which were explained by Rob Donoghue found right here. Players declare situations where they are particularly capable or feeble. They will get very significant bonuses when they try those actions. Things are finally coming together, I believe. Certainly eager to see if it works out in playtesting.

So have any of you been inspired by Rob Donaghue’s insights?

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