Seeking Suki – The Cangames Running

The Friday evening and Saturday at Cangames 2011 in Ottawa passed rather successfully. As soon as I post this I will dash off to “run” a game of The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen followed by John Wick’s Wilderness of Mirrors. I just thought I would give a quick report on the first running of the Spark RPG yesterday.

It worked. The game held together and encouraged exactly the kinds of conflicts that I wanted to support. We had our cold and callous corporate scientist have a epiphany and change one of the pillars of her personality into “All people deserve respect”. The practical village headsman was inspired by the Shinto android and they were able to overcome great challenges.

There were problems, certainly. I had to alter how the dice were evaluated since botches were a mite too extreme in the old approach. Much of the rules presentation could be improved and I might need to rework some of the Resolutions (mechanical outcomes of rolls). Still, it was fun, fast and lively with excellent players who really seemed to get into it.

Speaking of which, if any of you fine players have found this post, welcome! I neglected to record your names so if you would like to be credited in the book and/or receive some other goodies, please email me!

Now back into the fray.


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