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Indie Gems 2 – Dream Askew

Dream Askew Designed by Avery Mcdaldno and published by Buried Without Ceremony Available at http://buriedwithoutceremony.com/ Roleplaying games have a power in them. They invite you to embody the lives of others and discover what challenges others face. They allow peoples to express facets of their own identity in the safe companionship of friends.  They foster […]

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Indie Gems 1 – Misspent Youth

We are in a golden age of creator-owned and independently produced roleplaying games. Countless creative designers, from all walks of life, have created beautiful rpgs that explore important issues through play.  The true innovation in games, like in all media, comes from the little-known gems. These small games are often overlooked in favour of the […]

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Award-Winning Game Designer

There is no easy way to say it. It appears that, despite the odds, my little game Posthuman Pathways , won an ENnie-award. One of the five judges identified this as a game as deserving of attention, and gave it the Judges’ Spotlight Award. The ceremony itself was an interesting affair with a host of technical problems […]

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How to Learn Game Design – A Reference Post

At GenCon, I present a panel titled Introduction to Indie Game Design, where we hope to provide a host of resources for the panel attendees. This blogpost stands as a curated collection of resources for their use, and for anyone else who wants to get started in designing RPGs. A giant pile of resources on dropbox. […]

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GameChef 2015 – Le Lustre des Libellules

Le lustre des libellules est un jeu optimiste et plein d’espoir. Au cours de chaque session du jeu, chaque joueur joue le rôle d’une libellule. Chacune des libellules bénéficie d’un talent particulier pour aider ses copines et pour pourvoir à ses besoins. Chaque libellule est motivée par son Rêve, la Quiétude et le désir d’abandonner […]

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Posthuman Problems: On Technology and Society

I published a small roleplaying game last year, titled Posthuman Pathways. It’s a game about transhumanism, the importance of technology, and how it inevitably changes us. It’s a cute little GM’less game; five pamphlets in an envelope that three people can play in an evening. Designing something like that is challenging, but that’s nothing compared to […]

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