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Scribus for Game Designers

I just cobbled-together a quick (and crude) tutorial on how RPG publishers can use the free Scribus software for layout. It’s a powerful, though flawed, piece of software and I think the video might help folks who can’t afford the rather expensive license for InDesign. I hope this is helpful!

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Inspiring Sig

I am currently working on a major setting, which is actually going to double as an expansion of the core game. Sig: The City Between is multiplanar fantasy, inspired by a number of sources.  I have the fantastic +Jeremy Morgan editing this, and I have two award winning artists contributing some rather jaw-dropping art for […]

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Ennies Nomination for a Spark in Fate Core!

I’m very happy to report that I have recieved a nomination for “A Spark in Fate Core” as Best Free Product for the 2014 Ennies Awards. It’s was a lot of fun to produce some content that would integrate wtih the Fate Core book, and to try a different style of collaborative worldbuilding. If anyone […]

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Posthuman Pathways Post-Mortem

Just as I have done with the Spark RPG kickstarter, I wanted to present a financial breakdown of the Posthuman Pathways project. Unlike that previous project, this one was a bit less successful at the preliminary stages and may take a year or two to get into the black. I am very proud of the […]

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Origins of Posthumanity

Just a quick note; I have pretty much finished all of the work for the Posthuman Pathways kickstarter. Now that the shipping of rewards is effectively complete and we have finished the local launch party, I am ready for the formal public launch of the game at Origins. I will be working at the Games […]

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Game Chef 2014 – The Roman on the Rhine

I am very pleased to present the Roman on the Rhine, my submission to the game chef competition. This is a one-shot roleplaying game for 3-5 people to play  over a bit over an hour. This game is presented in the form of an interactive audio drama. All of the rules are present in this […]

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