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Games to Make you a Better Person

One of my passions is to use games for self-improvement and understanding. In the process, and in conjunction with various folks on twitter, I put together a list of RPGs that explore the human condition and teach important lessons.  I update this list on a periodic basis to include new examples as they arrive. The […]

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Meet me at GenCon!

I would love to meet up with as many of you fine backers as possible during the madness that is GenCon. I wanted to let you know when I was free and where you could find me. Thursday: 9am-Noon: The Indie Game Developer Network booth #571 in the Marketplace Noon-2pm: Games on Demand, running games […]

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First Quickstart Bundle – NeoNihon

As part of a Kickstarter stretch goal for the Spark RPG, I offered to prepare quick-start bundles of the game that people could print at home. These bundles would have pregenerated characters, a premade gm sheet and everything else needed to run a one-shot scenario with the book in hand. The first one is ready […]

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Spark is on the Way!

I have been lax in updating the website, and I appologize for that. I have been working away at fulfilling the rewards for my Spark Kickstarter backers and the details involved in producing and shipping books has taken most of my time. In any case, I have sent out the vast majority of the rewards […]

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The Posthuman Doorways

Here is my submission for the 2013 Game Chef contest. It was a great experience as usual, though I was under a heck of a crunch to produce this year. I am currently finalizing Spark in to fulfill my Kickstarter and, along with a convention last weekend, my time was at a premium. While it […]

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Free & Final Professional RPG’s for Game Designers

I’m in the midst of layout for my game, and I was pleased to see the release of Always/Never/Now by Will Hindmarch. It’s part of a trend of excellent professional game designs that can be played by a gamer on a budget, or examined in detail by any budding designers out there. This blog post […]

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