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Design Geology

Every game comes from somewhere; from personal experience, to intellectual puzzles, to something inbetween.  Each designer is naturally faced with a question of which element to use as the foundation for their games. This blog post explores three different approaches, with the strengths and weaknesses I have seen in them.  These approaches are: Stalagmite Design: […]

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Fort McMurray Wildfire Relief Initiative

As many of you are likely aware, there is currently a massive wildfire that is devastating the city of Fort McMurray, in Northern Alberta, Canada. The first fire advisories went out on Sunday, and by Wednesday it had incinerated most of the city. http://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/alberta-wildfire-science-background-1.3565932 It’s a complex situation, but it boils down to “Uncontrolled fire […]

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RPG Design Overview Sheet

I have a tradition of running RPG design workshops in my local community, either at local gaming conventions or as part of Game Chef. It’s always a great time, but I often feel a need for more robust tools to help new game designers. That’s why I prepared the RPG Design Overview Sheet The basic principle […]

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Basic Budgeting for Developing Indie Tabletop RPGs

The Price of Publishing The independent roleplaying game scene is fantastically accessible, relative to other forms of game publishing. One of the challenges for a new game publisher is in determining an initial budget for their projects. I’m here to help you with some advice on how to allocate your scare resources. Before we get […]

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Five Questions on Sig (with Brie!)

This fantastic interview was originally posted by Brie Sheldon over at http://www.briecs.com/ Check it out! Five or So Questions with Jason Pitre on Sig! Today I have an interview with Jason Pitre about Sig, his new expansion for his previously released game, Spark. It’s currently on Kickstarter! Tell me about Sig. What excites you about it? […]

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Sig: The City Between is now Kickstarting!

There is only one true city; a place of multiversal trade, cultural exchange, and mixed blood. A place where monsters come to scheme and gods come to die. Sig: The City Between is the nexus of the multiverse. It’s a city connected to everywhere, a refuge for the oppressed and a prize for tyrants. It’s […]

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