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Spark RPG – The Kickstarter

I am very happy to announce that I have launched the kickstarter for the Spark RPG right over here. It’s been more than a few years of work, and it’s taught me an incredible amount. The game evolved drastically over the years, and the hundreds of hours of playtesting really helped refine the game into […]

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Goblin Uprising – A Fiasco Playset

I have been working on preparing a very special playset for Fiasco, with the assistance and editing of my friend Mark Richardson. This is sequel to the excellent Dragonslayers playset, featuring the petty, vindictive and ambitious goblins. Enjoy…. The Goblin Uprising Playset

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Jennisodes Interview!

I had a great time chatting with Jen of the Jennisodes, were we got a chance to discuss Spark in some detail. While I’m self-conscious about all my “ums” in the interview, I think it went well. Check it out over here at The Jennisodes! If you came here from the podcast and want to […]

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The Status of Spark

I wanted to provide a bit of a status report for the Spark RPG project. I know that I have been relatively quiet on here, and thought that you might appreciate an update. The Open Beta that I launched in 2012 taught me a great deal. Playtesting did an excellent job at pointing out what […]

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Dresden Files RPG – A Magic System Hack

I am a fan of Fate and the Dresden files RPG system in specific. That said, I have noticed that there are some rough spots in the magic system from my perspective. I found that the absolute dependence on the three existing magic skills was less than idea. This post consists of my little hack […]

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Sharing Choices

Art is a way to communicate experiences.  Every art form tries to convey different kinds of experiences, with a variety of different tools. Paintings convey human perception of the world and of our own imaginations. When I saw a local Van Gogh exhibit, I was struck by his focus on the smallest gems of nature […]

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