Fate of the Galaxy – Call for Contributors

Fate of the Galaxy - Call for Contributors


We just released our first major public announcement for Fate of the Galaxy, and we are blown away by the enthusiasm fresh out the gate. One of the key aspects of the game is that we are trying very intentionally to design the game with a focus on inclusion, and we need your help.

This project is going to need more contributors who can bring their lived experience to the table. We are looking for women and for non-binary contributors. We are looking for contributors of colour, and for more contributors with disabilities. We want to your voices and your art to make it into the game and show us a more interesting vision of galactic politics.

We will need artists to illustrate the diversity of this open galaxy, the powerful leaders of the fringe worlds, and the fragile beauty of the worlds they protect. Our current artistic direction is to present grey-scale or minimally-coloured images, and we would love to see anything that you have in your portfolio. Our general guidelines, including our standard rates of pay, are available here. We welcome experienced and new talent alike!

Interested Artists: Apply Here

If you are a freelance writer from a marginalised community, please fill in this form to let us know your interest. We will be selecting a number of folks to write new Core Systems for the game as part of the kickstarter process, each which will present a different vision of the space opera genre. Any writers chosen would work with us and our brilliant editor, Amanda Valentine, to develop this setting.

Interested Writers: Apply Here

We know that the design team on this project consists of three cis-white dudes (Jason Pitre, Mark Richardson & Brian Engard), which is why we need your contributions. If you are a creative from a marginalised community, we need your help to make Fate of the Galaxy a success for everyone. Please don’t self-reject or let imposter syndrome hold you back.

The call for contributors is open from now until May 31st, 2018.

The Fate of the Galaxy rests in your hands.

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