While you are all digesting the latest version of Spark, I wanted to give you a bit of an update on the editing situation. Good editing is essential to the success of a roleplaying game, and for my flagship product, I am making every effort to impress. That’s why I’m pleased to announce that I have four editors lined up to contribute to this project.

My Lead Editor, charged with doing most of the heavy lifting, is David A. Hill Jr. of Machine Age Productions. He will be examining the mechanics, analyzing the procedures and ensuring that the text is as inclusive as possible. You may know Machine Age Productions from some of their successful games such as Machine Zeit, Amaranthine, Farewell to Fear and Guestbook.

The first of my Assistant Editors is Queenie Thayer who is charged with improving the writing itself. She is my last line of defense against grammatical and spelling errors, charged with bringing my text into understandable English. She has already contributed to the text in the first version of the beta and I am pleased to have her on my side.

The second Assistant Editor is Gus Belanger, who has contributed to games such as Alpha Omega.  (http://www.alphaomegathegame.com/)  He is my general-purpose editor, who I assign to look over each of the drafts of my game and give me an honest & critical assessment of the various changes.

Last, but certainly not least, is Mark Richardson, a good friend and long time GM who is diving headfirst into Indie Game Design. In addition to the revisions and comments on each of my drafts, he is also running a playtest session of Spark that I am observing in action, so that I can correct the game as I go.

With talent like this, I am certain that Spark will be a smashing success.

Happy gaming!

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