Your First RPG

This is a section of the Spark RPG that I will regretfully have to cut during the revision process while I prepare version 3.5 of the beta. If anyone is looking for a write up on logistics for new gamers, please feel free to grab this wholesale.


Your First RPG


You need to schedule some time when your group would be available. Discuss what day of the week you will be playing on and how frequently you plan on meeting. Try to determine when you plan on starting and finishing each session as well; I prefer 3-4 hour long sessions.

Every group has its own expectations on attendance at games. Some people can reliably block off game night, while others may have personal responsibilities or erratic work schedules.  The system can accommodate players who only participate infrequently but it’s up to you to figure out what’s comfortable for your group.

Play Space

You need fixed and dependable space to play the game. It could be the home of one of the players, the GM’s apartment, a gaming club, or even an online environment. Discuss what the best play space might be for the group. If you are playing in someone else’s space, be polite and help clean up after the game.

Food and Drink

I find it helpful to talk about food and drink before I start playing a game. Try to discuss any meal arrangements, snack foods, allergies, or beverage preferences. Games are much more enjoyable on a full stomach!

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