GenCon 2012 Seminar Recordings

I always love to attend GenCon and record as many seminars as I can. This year is no exception, and I had the honour to speak on two separate panels. While I still have to work on my presentation skills, I feel like people got a great deal out of those panels.

This year, the most excellent Jason Morningstar of Bully Pulpit fame was on six different seminar panels and recorded each of them. With his permission, I provide them here for your listening pleasure.

Here are the recordings in no particular order. I will try to link to the presenters websites whenever possible.

Introduction to Indie RPG’s

Special thanks to “This Just In from GenCon” for some editing and posting this in their feed.

Event Number: SEM1230671


Jason Pitre (

Kirin Robinson (

Kit La Touche (

Elizabeth Shoemaker Sampat (Regrets) (

Link to the Recording


Introduction to Playtesting RPG’s

Event Number: SEM1233486


Jason Pitre (

Adam Koebel (

Link to the Recording

Secrets of RPG Editing

Event Number: SEM1232354


Paizo Managing Editor F. Wesley Schneider (

Paizo Editor Judy Baur (

Paizo Editor Chris Carey, (

Paizo Editor Patrick Renie (

Link to the Recording



Jason Morningstar’s Recordings

These raw recordings have been taken directly from a post by Jason Morningstar on, with the files uploaded to my own site for posterity.


Introduction to GMless Play

This is me by myself rambling about GMless games for an hour. Link to Recording


The International RPG Scene

This is me and Dominic McDowall-Thomas . I spend a lot of time being excited about Japan. Link to Recording

Introduction to Nordic Larp

Me, Emily Care Boss , Lizzie Stark , Aleksi Airaksinen , Ville Takanen and Joonas IIvonen . As the least clued-in guy in the room I took the role of questioning moderator. Link to Recording


Volatility in Game Design

Me and James Ernest . Or, really, James Ernest’s well thought out and useful lecture on volatility with an occasional unhelpful comment from me. Link to Recording

History, Panic and History Panic

Me and Kenneth Hite talking about how to love gaming in history and still not be a total dick. Link to Recording

From Indie Cradle to Indie Grave: Making Independent Games

Me and James Ernest, mostly talking about business-y stuff. Link to Recording


GenCon 2011 Seminar Recordings can be found Here.


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