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Humanity has fallen in love with stories since its earliest days. Stories give context for our actions and place in the world.  Legends teach lessons and myths provide explanations for the mysteries we are faced with. In recent times, a number of individuals have embraced storytelling as a method of self reflection in addition to the pleasure inherent in the activity. Roleplaying games seem to be one of the most potent ways that we may explore ourselves and have a pleasant evening with friends at the same time. For that reason, I have founded Genesis of Legend Publishing, a small independent press for Roleplaying Games. The games produced are entirely creator-owned and we pride ourselves in a business model which shows respect for the creative works and the customers.

In specific, GLP has been founded with a few goals. We aspire to produce all our works using strictly open-source software, both to showcase the capabilities of the excellent programs as well as to save on overhead costs. We aim to produce the products in the most environmentally responsible fashion possible, from the paper we chose to the shipping of our products. We also have pledged to release as much content into the public domain as feasible, to further the creation of novel works on the foundations of what has already been made.

At this point in time, the crew at GLP consists of an author, a game tester, an editor, a public relations manager and a business owner all in one body. We are located in the fair city of Ottawa, Canada where the only thing stronger than the winter chill is the freshly roasted coffee.

Current Project: Spark

Our flagship project is a game currently going by the working name of Spark.    This system is built with adaptability in mind, functioning like an adaptable framework capable of supporting a very large variety of roleplaying settings.  It does not tie you down to a single setting but is instead designed for the easy of storytellers creating their own custom settings. It’s built so that settings described in fiction, be they ancient fantasy, modern horror or wierd scifi, could be quickly forged and the players could dive into new adventures without memorizing dozens of different systems.

Thus far we are in the early days of production, though our initial alpha playtests have provided some positive responses. More information will follow as the production continues.

This website is under heavy construction, please bear with us and come back later on when we have more offerings for you.

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