The Enlightened Man

Cover of the Enlightened Man, with a woman superhero in Venice.

The Enlightened Man is a Renaissance Superhero Setting written by Brian Engard.  This setting is built to serve both the Spark Roleplaying Game and Fate Core.

Do not be afraid;
Our fate cannot be taken from us;
It is a gift.


Italy during the 16th century is a time of new ideas, new technology, heretical science, great masterpieces, reason, and faith. It is a time of civilization and barbarism, of merchant-lords, powerful nobles, and scions of the church. Everything changed when the Enlightened Men appeared. These women and men are blessed with fantastic, superhuman gifts, bringing about a new age.

With Spark, explore the story of superheroes, struggling with their beliefs and find who they will serve in this ever-changing world.

With Fate Core, play women and men who boldly use their gifts and take a stand against terrible villains who threaten all of Europe!


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