Spark in Fate Core

A Collaborative World-building Toolkit for Fate Core

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A Collaborative World-building Toolkit for Fate Core

This is an expansion of the award winning Fate Core, focussing on the process of collaborative world building. It includes some of the concepts found in The Spark RPG and helps you build an engaging setting with a history, fraught with danger and potential for growth. It helps you build places and NPC’s so you are ready to dive right into play.

Essentially, this is an expansion on the much-loved setting-creation chapter of Fate Core. This has been designed explicitly to create a variety of different issues that matter to the players, and to reveal them over the course of play. This both gives you a living world to start play, and also direction for future events.

The best thing? This toolkit is totally free as a PDF, thanks to the generous backers of the Spark RPG kickstarter campaign and Evil Hat’s creative commons license.

Want a physical copy of this for your table? It’s now available as an economical print on demand version, with colour covers and classic greyscale interiors.

A Spark in Fate Core was also nominated for the 2014 Ennies Award for best free product.



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