Scribus for Game Designers

I just cobbled-together a quick (and crude) tutorial on how RPG publishers can use the free Scribus software for layout. It’s a powerful, though flawed, piece of software and I think the video might help folks who can’t afford the rather expensive license for InDesign. I hope this is helpful!

Game Chef 2014 – The Roman on the Rhine

I am very pleased to present the Roman on the Rhine, my submission to the game chef competition. This is a one-shot roleplaying game for 3-5 people to play  over a bit over an hour. This game is presented in the form of an interactive audio drama. All of the rules are present in this mp3 file, which you play in the background during the session in order to teach you the rules and manage the game.  This is a diceless and paper-less game which you can play in a car. For those hard of hearing, I also offer the text version of the rules in this post after the “Read more” line.

MP3 Download

As is typical in the game chef competition, this is more of a proof of concept and thought experiment than a fully polished piece. That said, it’s also free and I hope you find it interesting.

This game would not have been possible without the kind permissions of Wes Otis, whose RPG background loops were invaluable in producing this audio-piece. If you like any of the background music, they are all available over at

1) Viking Dining Hall (Council Scenes)

2) ) Winter Background sound

3) Gladiator sounds (Transition)

4) Werewolf Forest (Senate Scenes)

5) Campfire (Also Senate Scenes)


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Spread the Spark

I love Spark, and I know that many of you share this love. I want to help foster a community of people who learn, play and appreciate the game as well. The best way to do this is to run games at local game stores and conventions.

The problem is that I have limited opportunities to travel and run games outside of my own city. That’s why I’m running a little promotion and would like to ask for your help. I would like to invite you to run demo session of Spark at conventions and friendly local gaming stores. The three Quickstart bundles Here do all the preparation for you might need, including pre-generated characters. Just print and play!

In thanks, I will offer you each a free copy of the beautiful new Spark Setting written by Brian Engard. Carriers is a cyberpunk zombie game, where cybernetically-enhanced runners travel between corporate arcologies while trying to avoid the zombie hordes. I am really excited to share this with you, but this setting won’t be available for sale.

All you need to do is email me at genesisoflegend at with “Carriers” in the subject line, telling me where and when the game is to be run. I will be happy to send you a pdf of the awesome new setting from Brian.

Help spread Spark among the masses.

Become a Carrier.


First Quickstart Bundle – NeoNihon

As part of a Kickstarter stretch goal for the Spark RPG, I offered to prepare quick-start bundles of the game that people could print at home. These bundles would have pregenerated characters, a premade gm sheet and everything else needed to run a one-shot scenario with the book in hand.

The first one is ready for your enjoyment. Especially for those of you who might have just recently gotten their copies of the physical book. Just download the NeoNihon Quickstart Bundle

With luck, most people should either have their books in hand relatively soon. The vast majority of packages have shipped, and I will be hand-delivering many of the remainders at the two launch parties for Spark.


The Posthuman Doorways

Here is my submission for the 2013 Game Chef contest. It was a great experience as usual, though I was under a heck of a crunch to produce this year. I am currently finalizing Spark in to fulfill my Kickstarter and, along with a convention last weekend, my time was at a premium.

While it could use a strong editing pass, I think the text expresses the underlying ideas well enough. I would love any feedback in the comments.

The Posthuman Doorways – GameChef


Edit: And apparantly I am a finalist for GameChef 2013. I am very surprised and equally pleased. Thanks for reading!