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I would like to throw a question out to the crowd (which I expect shall materialize any moment now). What kind of content would be interesting and useful to all of you. There are two different kinds of content that I could offer.

Presently, I am thinking of providing game-focused content such as the state of the current development, new artwork and the Alternative Games series of posts.

Alternatively, I could instead focus on the broader theme of game development and explain my process of design from initial glimmer to final product.

What say yee, oh noble and silent readers? What would be interesting?

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  1. Hey , o mighty Jagash. You know me as Zero Ninja from the Shadownessence forums. But I’ve been following Spark also, and I think content updates would be more pertinent, as maybe then you could release samples of the sections of the game you’ve created. Not that I think updates on how it’s created are bad either, but you should definitely at least update us on the content created if you only have time for one or the other.

    • I won’t claim might until I actually release the game. Would you be referring to updates on what has been created, or samples of the current drafts? It is extremely…. drafty at the moment and is rather subject to change. I could do so, or at least release some of the content piecemeal, but in alpha playtesting there is a great deal of room for changes.

      Heck, I can give a blow by blow explanation of what I am doing at the moment including my reasoning if anyone would find it interesting. Thank you very much for your comment and for reading.

    • Most understandable and the benefit of being on here early is that your voice is mighty! I shall provide some content updates, though you should be warned that we are still in playtest mode and thus there will be changes over the next months.

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