Our Games

Genesis of Legend Publishing is proud to offer a variety of games for your enjoyment. Want to know more about any of our games, download extra content, or check our a FAQ? We are happy to help!

The Spark Roleplaying Game (GLP001):
A roleplaying game of collaborative world-building and challenging your Beliefs. This product is out of print but available in PDF.

A Spark in Fate Core (GLP002):
A free, collaborative world-building toolkit for Fate Core.

Goblin Uprising (GLP003):
A free goblin playset for the Fiasco RPG (1st edition)

Spark: Carriers (GLP004):
An exclusive cyberpunk zombie setting for the Spark RPG.

Posthuman Pathways (GLP005):
A gm-less, three-player transhumanist RPG. ENnie Award Judges Spotlight for 2015.

The Enlightened Man (GLP006):
A renaissance superhero setting for Spark & Fate Core

The Inner City (GLP007):
A PWYW worldbuilding hack of Don’t Rest your Head by Evil Hat Productions.

Sig: the City Between (GLP008):
A cosmopolitan planar fantasy setting for the Spark Roleplaying Game. All of the content of this book can be found within Sig: Manual of the Primes. This product is out of print.

Circles of Power: Apprentice Edition (GLP010):
An ashcan PBTA game of sorcery and society.

Sig: Manual of the Primes (GLP011):
A cosmopolitan planar fantasy roleplaying game set in the nexus of the multiverse.

Sig: The Shard of Empire (GLP012):
A free adventure for Sig: Manual of the Primes.

Lonely Timbers (GLP013):
A stand-alone game of lumberjacks and masculinity.

Sig: Codex of The Sage Collegium (GLP014A):
The Codex of the Sage Collegium is a deck of 90 cards which you may use for inspiration during play and easy reference at the table.

Sig: Faces of The City Between (GLP014B):
The Faces of the City Between is a collection of interesting pre-made non-player characters for all of your cosmopolitan planar fantasy needs.

After the War (GLP015):
A science-fiction roleplaying game of memetic horror.

Palanquin (EN) (GLP016):
A game of trust and fear, as the Heir who escaped a palace coup.

The Goblin Republic (GLP017):
A supplement providing a dozen variant goblins 5th Edition.

Sig: City of Blades (GLP018):
A planar fantasy heist game, forged in the dark.

ATW: Law and Disorder (GLP019):
A supplement for After the War dealing with law and crime.

Palanquin (FR) (GLP020):
La famille royale a été tuée lors d’un coup d’État. Seule une jeune princesse a réchappé du massacre. Un groupe d’adultes, improbables et peu dignes de confiance, l’a escortée en toute sécurité jusqu’au palais de sa tante. Ce jeu est l’histoire de leur périlleux voyage.

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