Noir World – KS Hardcover Upgrade




Noir World is film noir as powered by the Apocalypse. Around your table you’ll choose from 20 Roles, create relationships between them, build a City, and maybe solve a Crime, all while trying to create the best Movie possible.

It’s powered by the Apocalypse, the same mechanics found in Apocalypse World, Dungeon World, Headspace, and Monsterhearts, but it’s different – there’s no one single person acting as a GM. Here, everyone will have a chance to be the Director, everyone is the GM.


Noir World was successfully kickstarted back in 2017, with over a thousand enthusiastic backers. Unfortunately, a series of medical and financial disasters have greatly delayed getting the physical books out the door.  Anyone who backed the original campaign at the softcover level and would like to upgrade to a hardcover can purchase the upgrade here.


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