Content Inquiry

I would like to throw a question out to the crowd (which I expect shall materialize any moment now). What kind of content would be interesting and useful to all of you. There are two different kinds of content that I could offer.

Presently, I am thinking of providing game-focused content such as the state of the current development, new artwork and the Alternative Games series of posts.

Alternatively, I could instead focus on the broader theme of game development and explain my process of design from initial glimmer to final product.

What say yee, oh noble and silent readers? What would be interesting?

Support for the Shattered Glass Project

The lovely and talented Jess Hartley has launched a project, experimenting with a new form of alternative publishing. Chiefly, this is a patronage system where only those who sponsor the project up front will get the early access/printing of a new piece of fiction. For an additional donation, particularly generous patrons can be written into the story as characters.

I am glad to try to support this experiment and I hope it works out well. For more information, check out her site.


First art preview for Spark

Image of an armored medieval magic-user
An illustration of a tool used by a character

I am pleased to provide you all with a quick look at some of the art produced for the Spark RPG.   These are still the early days yet with regards to art direction, but I was eager to get this artist working on this project.

This piece is actually part of an expansive illustration of Tools.  The game system accounts for “Tools”, external aids which are used by characters to accomplish tasks.  Tools are not limited to physical items, but rather include any external aid which can help in physical, social or intellectual pursuit.  A magus might have a spell formula which helps her conjure demons from the ether.  A gentleman might have some juicy blackmail which assists him in confrontations with the mayor.

This particular illustration is showing off the staff as a tool for his magic use.  His red armor is another good example of a tool which will protect him from blades or arrows alike.

The artist in question is David Sondred, who can be found at Studio Colruophobia.  I have worked with him in the past and his dynamic figure illustration is impressive.


Spark RPG to be Podcast

I am pleased to announce my intention to podcast my flagship game of the Spark RPG.   This means that, as of this point, I believe I am the first to take such an approach.  I think that I will be able to teach the game in a much more effective manner this way, by running through examples and explanations for all of the content in the same way as I would for my own players.  This would also allow me to provide a fully accessible game for those with visual impairment and help me polish my presentation of the game.

This will not occur in the immediate future, as I need to finalize all of the content prior to recording a word, but will show up in the future.  I hope you will join me when episode one is released.

Audio content courtesy of The Boom Effect

Just recently, I have participated in an auction for an incredibly good cause known as the Boom Effect.  This consisted of a massive auction of creative works and professional services.  I am pleased to announce that I was able to successfully win two of the auction bids.

We can look forward to a lovely audio promo for Spark, about a minute in length, which should be appearing in the coming months.  The lovely and talented Kimi Alexandre will be providing this promo for your listening pleasure and I am grateful for her assistance.

Along with the promo, we will additionally be gaining an astounding custom-made original music theme written by James Durham, composer and Parsec-award-winning podcaster, whose music has played at venues like the National Cathedral in Washington, DC, to wide acclaim on the radio, in indie-film, video and dance productions.  This will be used for an upcoming podcast, tentatively being given the title of “Digital Fireside Stories”.  Think of a better title?  Leave a comment and let me know!

I am additionally proud to say that I have been able to offer my personal scientific expertise to the lovely Paulette Jaxton.  She donated an impressive total toward Sonic Boom’s trust fund and I am pleased to help her out with future creative efforts.